Late Fireworks

It’s almost October, and I forgot to tell you about my 4th of July.

It was a bit more eventful than last year’s Fourth of July because it involved lots of people, lemonade, firemen, and malfunctioning fireworks.

We were close to where they were shooting them off. There was a stand selling hotdogs and lemonade, and lot and lots of people. Since we were so close to the fireworks, it was also loud.

Lucy: I’m gonna go buy a. . .
Fireworks: BANG!
Lucy: Do you want one too?
Me: What did you say?

On the way back from the lemonade stand, Lucy was busy watching the fireworks and tripped over a cocker spaniel and spilled my lemonade. So we both had to share the other one.

After the grand finale (when they shoot off all the remaining fireworks at once), everybody started to get up and leave when . . .

Fireworks Explode

Fireworks: BANG!

I think one of the  big ones forgot to go off when all the others did—but then remembered what it was supposed to do too late.

There was a lot of yelling going on over there and people with flashlights running around, then . . .

Firework Launch

Fireworks guy: LOOKOUT!
Fireworks: Boom! Bang! BANG!
Someone in the crowd: We’re all going to DIE!

The fireworks kept exploding right next to the ground. The firework people didn’t know where to run because they would fire off sideways and explode in odd places, like in the trees and over by the big fire truck.

Eventually, the firemen (who were there, just in case something like this happened.) got in their fire truck, drove over and hosed down where the firework boxes were.

I think the police were a little upset with the guy in charge of the fireworks. Here is a picture of him talking with the police after it was all over.

Unhappy Cops

Nobody got hurt, and everything was eventually cleaned up. I think it was a fun night.

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  1. Helena says:

    This story seems vaguely familiar……I think I lived it…..except for the sharing the lemonade part. 😛

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