I saw the Louvre. It is a very large museum with a lot of paintings. 

When you walk around in the Louvre you hear many different languages. Of course you hear mostly French, and you hear quite a bit of English. But sometimes, you have no idea what they are speaking. 

I was looking for the Mona Lisa, and walked up to this lady for directions: 

Me: Parlez-vous anglais?”
Unknown Lady: Nyet.
Me: Not yet?
Unknown Lady: Nyet!, Nyet!

I think that meant, “no.” I wonder what language it was?

I eventually found the Mona Lisa. It was in the Italian section. 

Leonardo Da Vinci lived in the 1400s, was Italian, and painted the Mona Lisa. The Mona Lisa very famous and sets all by itself on a wall. It’s hard to see the Mona Lisa because there are many other people crowding around it. It’s a picture of a lady who smiles. I wonder if her name is Mona or Lisa, or if it is Mona Lisa. 

Above is a picture of me in the modern art section. The Louvre is full of paintings and statues. I didn’t draw any of the statues because they usually didn’t have any clothes on.

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  1. I come here trying to win a contest, but I think that I had already won something ?discovering this blog. I will keep coming to read your post.?

    This relate of your trip makes me reflect upon all this little details that I had miss in my ?travels, ….too much caring about the connection, the luggage, the destination, … I will ?not miss one story like this anymore.?

    Thank You

    Bye, bye

  2. Helena says:

    Don’t forget to buy a souvenir.

  3. Johann Van De Leeuw says:

    Is not “Nyet” Russian for “no”?
    Your irony is quite interesting.
    I found you through the Fallacy Detective “About us” page.
    Interesting site! Will visit again.

  4. Tommi says:

    Yes, I think it is a Russian “No”.

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