On the Metro 

I learned a new French word today, “sortie.” It is a very useful word.

When you are in Paris, you have to ride the Metro a lot. The Metro is the same as the American Subway. It is a train that travels all over town, and is underground. It costs one Euro to get on the Metro, and you can ride it many places. The Metro is fun. 

There are Metro stations everywhere. To get to where you are going, you first have to buy a ticket at the station. Then you get out a little map and figure out what station you need to get to. Sometimes you will ride on several trains going in different directions to get where you want to. 

Once you know what station you need to stop at, and what trains you will need to ride to get there, you get on the train and PAY ATTENTION! You don’t want to miss your stop. 

Sometimes there is nobody on the train except you, and sometimes it is very crowded. Sometimes you can’t sit down, and you have to hang onto a railing. Sometimes you have to pack yourself very closely to all the other people on the train. It can get uncomfortable. 

When you get to your stop, you get off the train and now you are in a strange station and don’t know where to go to get out. That’s where the word “sortie” comes in. it means “exit.” Just follow the sign.

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  1. Kristen B. says:

    Sorta neat! 😀 Have fun in France!

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