After the plane landed, I had to find the right train that would take me to my hotel. The train cost some money, so I had to go to a ATM to get some Euros. Euros are what the French use for money. One Euro is worth about a dollar and seventy five cents. 

Trains stations can be a bit confusing, especially when all the signs are in French.

I only know four phrases in French: “parlez-vous anglais?” (which means “do you speak English?”), “merci” (“thank you”), “excusez-moi” (“excuse me”), and “je-suis innocent” (which means “I am innocent” and I hope I don’t have to use that one on this trip). 

After a little while, I found out what train I needed to be on, bought the ticket and got on. It was very crowded on the train–I got to use my “excusez-moi” phrase. 

Here is a picture of me outside a café trying to find my hotel. I ate at the café, the food was good, but the bread they had was very hard. 

Outside the Cafe.

After eating at the café, I couldn’t find my hotel, so I walked up to this woman and asked her (without thinking), “do you know where I can find the Hotel Etap?” she just stared at me. Then I remembered–“oh! I’m in France.” 

So I said: “parlez-vous anglais?” and she said: “un peu” which I found out means “a little.” After that, she was able to tell me where to go to find my hotel. 

Here is a picture of me in bed at my hotel. I wasn’t very tired at first because of the time difference between Paris and my home. I am reading “Moby Dick” my Herman Melville. It isn’t very interesting and it put me to sleep.

Reading in bed

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