My Flight

Looking out window

When you travel to Europe you have to set your watch ahead 7 hours. That means, if your plane leaves at 9am (which is when mine left) and you fly for 7 hours (which is how long my flight was), you will arrive at Paris’ Charles De Gaulle airport at 11pm. 

The trouble comes because you will feel like it is only 5:00 but everybody there will feel like it is 11pm. 

I decided to not sleep on the plane. That way, I will be tired when I get to my hotel.

The guy next to me on the plane evidently didn’t agree with this idea. He sat down, said “How are you doing? My name’s Fred,” then, he fell asleep. He didn’t wake up once during the entire 7 hour flight — not even when the stewardess served our meals. This was a little difficult because whenever I had to get up to use the restroom or stretch my legs I had to crawl over him and hope I didn’t wake him up — kind of hard, because he was a bit large himself.

They served a meal on my flight. It wasn’t very good, but it filled me up. 

I’m glad I don’t fly long flights very often. While I enjoy flying in an airplane, it can get a bit cramped.

Above is a picture of me looking out the window. That’s Fred–asleep as usual.

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