Locking up

Locking up

It’s a little sad when you leave your house for a trip. You look around at everything you own and think “I won’t be seeing you guys for a while.”

After that, you start thinking about all the things that could go wrong when you are gone: Did I turn off the stove? What if a pipe gets a leak and my basement gets flooded? What if burglars break in? 

Above is a picture of me locking up my house. 

After I locked up the house, I went to the airport. Thy guy at the airline looked at my passport and gave me my ticket, then I went through security. I had to go through the metal detector twice because I had a bubble gum wrapper in my pocket. 

The airport has these moving walkways that are like long conveyer belts with people standing on them. They make it so you don’t have to walk so far to get to where your plane is taking off. You just stand there and watch the airport go by. 

Here is a picture of me on one of the moving walkways. Its either that, or a picture of me walking up the gangplank of my airplane. I can’t decide which it is. 

Geting aboard

I’m really looking forward to my plane flight. I’m going to cross the ocean.

My plane

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