Kevin cards 

On Friday nights I play cards.

You can always tell when Pat has a good hand because he will hold his cards closer to himself. Sometimes he will play around with his chips, he will pick up a stack and let them clink back on the table one at a time, through his fingers. That’s when you know he has a good hand. You probably shouldn’t bet anything then.

Cindy can never remember whether two pairs beats three of a kind, or the other way round. Every once in a while she will ask us which is higher. When she does that, we know that she probably has one or the other, the trouble is we don’t know which.  

When I play poker with Pat and Cindy, we never play for money, but whoever looses their chips first has to wash the dishes. This time, I lost all my chips first. 

Here is Pat–I think he has a good hand.

Pat Cards

Cindy can’t decide whether or not to fold.

Cindy cards

My to-do-this-weekend list: 
-Answer my emails
-Install Windows Vista on my computer
-Clean the bathroom
-Decide who I want to vote for

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