Beep . . . Beep . . .

Checkout Counter 

I have two things to complain about:

I wish they would change the sound the register makes when I scan an item. Maybe a “click,” or a “pop!” or even a “flhisssssss.” The “beep” gets old.

The People who use the express checkout line rarely have under 12 items–like they are supposed to. And the table where people place their items is small–it gets crammed. When you try to pick up a bottle of ketchup, you bump over all 15 cans of tuna, which collides into the frozen orange juice pile, which squashes the bag of potato chips. Then the customer gets mad.

Other than those two things, working at the supermarket is a good job. 

I went ice skating today. Pat and Cindy said they were going, so I went along.

Cindy Skating

It’s loads of fun when you get going real fast, and are flying around the rink. It’s not so much fun when you fall on your face, or crash into another skater.

Pat says he played hockey when he was very young. He says his parents made him do it, but he didn’t like it because he never was any good at skating. He says the bigger hockey players would always knock him over. He says this made him very timid on the ice–it looked like he enjoyed himself today, though. 


I don’t think I tie up the skates as tightly as I should. My feet wobble all around when I get going, which gets me off balance and, next thing you know, whump!


Sometimes Cindy would skate backward, which made Pat and me watch her, (we kept thinking she would fall over or run into something), next thing you know . . . whump! We would fall over. I guess you have to pay attention when skating.

Here’s a picture of Pat, he’s about to fall over.

Pat Skating

Here’s a picture of me, I’m probably about to fall over, too.

Kevin Skating

Today I put up a wreath.


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  1. I love your little doodles!

  2. Kristen says:

    Very funny. 🙂

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