The President's Speech

The President 

Today, I took the subway to the Capital Mall and saw the president give a speech.  

Riding a subway is fun. Sometimes it can get crowded–so crowded that you can barely squirm your way out of the car when it stops. A man said that I should watch out for pickpockets–but I checked my pockets and nobody took anything.  

The president was very tall and looked smart. He talked about how we needed to protect the rivers, mountains, and forests so that our children can enjoy them many years from now. I like the president.  

Afterward, a bunch of reporters asked him questions. I think reporters ask too many questions–but I guess that’s their job.  

There was a man there selling T-shirts that said, “I Saw the President’s Speech.” I bought one because, you know, I had.  

I also bought an ice cream cone, but somebody bumped into me and I dropped it before I was finished. A basset hound came along ate the rest of it.

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