My plane ride

Today, I took a ride on a plane.

Riding on a plane isn’t easy. You have to get up very early in the moring, like around 2:30am. When you get to the airport you have to go up to the ticket counter to get your ticket, then you have to give the lady at the desk your bags (I only had one bag, so this part was easy).

Arrive at airport

Taking off is the fun part of riding on a plane.


The stewardess (her name was Cathy) served me a bag of peanuts and some crackers. It was a bit dry, so she gave me a bottle of ginger ale to go with it.

I sat next to a man who made movies. He told me all about how to make a movie. I think I would like to make a movie someday.


All the fields looked like a quilt, a big quilt that went on for miles and miles.


When the plane landed, I had to go to the baggage claim to find my luggage. All the suitcases looked alike.

Finding Luggage

Tomorrow, I’m going to see the president give a speech.

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    Did I see you at the airport? I thought I saw some red white and blue….

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