Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is coming up.


We just got a shipment of Valentine’s Day candy in at the supermarket. There are boxes of candy samplers, alot of choclate truffles in the shape of hearts, and heaps and heaps of Hershey’s Kisses stuffed into bags. Reginald told me put it all onto the shelf.


My manager, Reginald, has been acting a little strangely about the store since the flood. Now, he doesn’t like to put things on the bottom shelf. Unless they are inexpensive things.

Reginald: What are you doing? Don’t put the candy on the bottom shelf. The wrappers will get wet.
Me: The wrappers?
Reginald: Yes, put the candy on the top shelf. We need to make sure all our valuble items are kept safe. And, I want you to take all the Hershey’s Kisses out of the sacks and line them up induvidually on the second to top shelf. Got it?
Me: Ummm. Ok.

Now, the candy is a little hard to reach on the top shelf. Unless you use one of the lawn chairs we sell in isle twelve. But the candy is on isle one, so that would make it difficult.

Here is a picture of me lining up all the Hershey’s Kisses. Doesn’t it look like I want to eat one? I didn’t. We are selling them for five cents each.


This is the first Valentine’s Day where I’ve had somebody send a valentine to. I’m sending one to Lucy.


Here is what I said.

I want you to be my valentine,
if it’s ok with you too, thats very fine.
I hope you enjoyed this little rhyme,
want to come visit me sometime?


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  1. Mikes says:

    i’m just wondering, what’s up with I love my Country. Where are you from? and why do you love your country?

  2. aisforadventure says:

    Kevin is very patriotic.

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