New Neighbors

The Bakers just moved in next door–two parents and a son. 

Mr and Mrs Baker must not have liked thier son very much because they named him Bebo. Here is a picture of Bebo. 
This morning I saw Bebo shoveling the sidewalk. 
Bebo shovels
Me: Hello, Bebo, are your parents home?
Bebo: No, they are working. They aren’t home very much. They work all the time. They made me shovel the sidewalk. 
Me: Oh, how do you like the new house?
Bebo: It’s big. I have it all to myself most of the time. I’m thinking about starting a band in the garage. Something loud so my parents hear it. I have this book called “Teenage Rebellion for Dummies.” It says if I act rebellious my parents might start worrying about me becoming a juvenile delinquent. Then, they might pay more attention to me instead of their jobs. I’ve been thinking about getting my nose pierced, but it sounds painful. 
Bebo reads
I think I should try and invite Bebo over to my place sometime. He needs people to hang out with. 
Here is a picture of the Baker family. 
Baker family

2 Responses to “New Neighbors”

  1. sage says:

    I’m glad Bebo has a friend like you! 😀

  2. Nate says:

    “Teenage Rebellion for Dummies”.

    Love it!

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