When I came to work today, I found the supermarket flooded with water. It was because of all those storms and the rain. The water was up to the lowest shelf in half of the store and alot of food was soggy.

Reginald is the manager of the supermarket. Reginald tends to get upset when things don’t go well. Here is what the employees saw when we came to work.

We had to wade through the water and fish around for the food containers and put them in a big pile to be taken away. It was a little scary putting my hands into the murky water because I never knew what you would find. It could be a bottle of soap, a can of peas, or a fish that had swum in from the river to eat the food.

Gracie, a worker who usually restocks, tried to pick up a sack of potatoes and got bit by a snapping turtle. We couldn’t find a band aid to put on her finger because they were all under water somewhere.

Here is a picture of me in the boxed cerial isle wondering what was under the green box to my right, and whether it had teeth.

The store smelled very funny. In the juice section (where they have the drink mixes), all the water was blue and red and smelled like grape. Over in the tea section an entire shelf of tea had fallen in and everything smelled herby.

But, cleaning up the mess was the best part of the day compared with Reginald. He didn’t do much to help clean up except this.

Reginald: What! This potato salad expired two weeks ago!

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