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Friday, November 13th, 2009

Doorbell: Dong!
Kid: Trick or treat.
Me: Wow! Who are you?
Kid: I’m an angel. I made my costume all by myself. It took me seventeen and a half hours. See my halo and wings?
Wings: Flap, flap.

I think the kids of the neighborhood are putting more and more time into their costumes each year.

Doorbell: Dong!
Kid: Trick or treat.
Me: Who are you?
Kid: I’m a scientist. See, watch me melt this stuffed animal in hydrochloric acid


Bebo is my next door neighbor. Bebo is always trying to get his parents’ attention. When I opened the door to him, he was wearing a shirt and tie.

Bebo: Trick or Treat.
Me: Oh, what are you dressed up as?
Bebo: I’m an accountant. My dad says accountants cause a lot of trouble for structural engineers like him. He says they make him design boring buildings. I figured if I dressed up as an accountant, he might get worried about my career choices and become more involved in my life. But all he did when he saw my costume was give me a Butterfinger bar and two suckers.

I hope Bebo has more success with his parents soon.


Anyway, remember that dog I found tied to my mudguard? I named him Dart. He is kind of skinny and looks like a dart, and he moves around fast, too. Dart likes shoes.


You will probably notice in the picture that Dart is chewing on a pair of women’s shoes. They are my mom’s.


That’s a picture of my mom. It’s a picture of her before she found out about her shoes. I didn’t draw one of her after because she was moving around too fast.

Mom: WHAT!

I thought I would introduce you all to my mom. She and Lucy came over to help me with the trick-or-treating. I bought a big bag of Reese’s Pieces, Almond Joy, Suckers, Nerds, and Hershey’s Kisses. We put them into a big basket and handed them out to the neighbor kids.

Doorbell: Dong!
Kid: Trick or Treat.
Me: Oh, who are you dressed up as?
Kid: I’m a bombardier beetle. See, my tail can spray fire.
Bombardier Beetle: FWOOSH!


My mom likes science and likes to talk with everybody about it.

Mom: Do you know what a Mobius Strip is?
Lucy: Ummm.
Mom: A Mobius Strip is a surface with only one side and only one boundary component.
Lucy: That’s very interesting.
Mom: Yes, it is. And if an ant were to crawl along the length of a Mobius Strip, it would return to its starting point having traversed every point on the strip without ever crossing an edge. Imagine how tired that ant would be?
Me: We should all try it sometime.


That last line wasn’t ever really said. I thought about saying it but stopped myself. My mom likes to talk about science and can go on and on for hours. Thankfully, we had interruptions.

Doorbell: Dong!
Kid: Trick or Treat.

Me: Oh, who are you dressed up as?
Kid: I’m Captain Kirk. See: “Beam me up Scottie!”
Costume: Fwishzoom!
Me: Where’d he go?


Science isn’t the only thing my mom likes talking about. Later, we washed the dishes and Mom told us about Captain Cook discovering Australia on April 23, 1770. Here is a picture of Captain Cook discovering Australia — I drew my mom in the picture because I know she wishes she had been there.


Doorbell: Dong!
Kid: Trick or Treat.
Me: Who are you dressed up as?
Kid: I’m a serial killer.
Me: But, you aren’t wearing a costume.
Kid: Serial killers look just like everybody else . . . Hey, is that Reese’s Pieces in there?

Serial Killer