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Wednesday, December 19th, 2007

Reading newspaper 

This is a picture of me reading the newspaper. I’m reading an article about the election. 

There is lots of bad stuff happening in the news these days. 

House fires
People going to prison
Bad people getting out of prison
People not getting what they wanted for Christmas

I’m glad none of those things are happening to me right now. 

What is happening? Today I cleaned the bathroom. Not my favorite job, but one that needs to be done. 

I mopped the floor, washed the mirror, and cleaned the toilet and sink. Then I did something silly. 

There was a leak on the drainage pipe under the sink. I had been keeping a bucket under it to catch the drips. I decided to fix it today. I already had the new pipe, so I just had to take the old one out, and put in the new one. 

I unscrewed the old pipe and let the water drain into my bucket, then I took the old pipe out. Then I took the bucket out from under the sink. Well, the bucket was now full of water and so I thought I would get rid of it by . . . pouring it down the drain. Let’s just say, I had another mess to clean up. 

Other than that, cleaning the bathroom went well. My new drainage pipe doesn’t leak. 

Here is a picture of me cleaning up the mess. You can’t see my face because I’m embarrassed. 

Cleaning bathroom

Question for today: What does “VIP” stand for?


Tuesday, December 11th, 2007

Kevin cards 

On Friday nights I play cards.

You can always tell when Pat has a good hand because he will hold his cards closer to himself. Sometimes he will play around with his chips, he will pick up a stack and let them clink back on the table one at a time, through his fingers. That’s when you know he has a good hand. You probably shouldn’t bet anything then.

Cindy can never remember whether two pairs beats three of a kind, or the other way round. Every once in a while she will ask us which is higher. When she does that, we know that she probably has one or the other, the trouble is we don’t know which.  

When I play poker with Pat and Cindy, we never play for money, but whoever looses their chips first has to wash the dishes. This time, I lost all my chips first. 

Here is Pat–I think he has a good hand.

Pat Cards

Cindy can’t decide whether or not to fold.

Cindy cards

My to-do-this-weekend list: 
-Answer my emails
-Install Windows Vista on my computer
-Clean the bathroom
-Decide who I want to vote for


Friday, December 7th, 2007

Snow on front porch

On the first day after it snows everything looks perfect outside. Nobody has walked in the snow, so it looks neat. Unfortunately that doesn’t last. Soon there are little trails everywhere–everybody going about their business. I say unfortunately, but not really. Walking and doing things in the snow is the best part of winter.

I could make this post longer, and talk about snow some more. But, I want to get outside . . .


Beep . . . Beep . . .

Saturday, December 1st, 2007

Checkout Counter 

I have two things to complain about:

I wish they would change the sound the register makes when I scan an item. Maybe a “click,” or a “pop!” or even a “flhisssssss.” The “beep” gets old.

The People who use the express checkout line rarely have under 12 items–like they are supposed to. And the table where people place their items is small–it gets crammed. When you try to pick up a bottle of ketchup, you bump over all 15 cans of tuna, which collides into the frozen orange juice pile, which squashes the bag of potato chips. Then the customer gets mad.

Other than those two things, working at the supermarket is a good job. 

I went ice skating today. Pat and Cindy said they were going, so I went along.

Cindy Skating

It’s loads of fun when you get going real fast, and are flying around the rink. It’s not so much fun when you fall on your face, or crash into another skater.

Pat says he played hockey when he was very young. He says his parents made him do it, but he didn’t like it because he never was any good at skating. He says the bigger hockey players would always knock him over. He says this made him very timid on the ice–it looked like he enjoyed himself today, though. 


I don’t think I tie up the skates as tightly as I should. My feet wobble all around when I get going, which gets me off balance and, next thing you know, whump!


Sometimes Cindy would skate backward, which made Pat and me watch her, (we kept thinking she would fall over or run into something), next thing you know . . . whump! We would fall over. I guess you have to pay attention when skating.

Here’s a picture of Pat, he’s about to fall over.

Pat Skating

Here’s a picture of me, I’m probably about to fall over, too.

Kevin Skating

Today I put up a wreath.