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Ordinary Day

Saturday, November 17th, 2007

Today, I worked an ordinary day at the supermarket. I checked out ordinary people with ordinary groceries on my ordinary cash register (which made a very ordinary “beep” every time I scanned an item). But, today was not ordinary–today it was my birthday.

When I got home, the house was dark. Very dark. I walked into the living room and there was just this candle burning there. Dark Room

Then, the lights went on and, “SURPRISE!”

My neighbors, Pat and Cindy, had a surprise party ready for me. Complete with a cake, a banner, two presents, and lots of orange pop. I don’t like orange pop much, but Pat likes it and drinks it by the liter.

Birthday Party

The banner read “Happy Happy Birthday!”

Cindy said the second “Happy” meant that not only was I happy it was my birthday, they were happy too. Cindy says stuff like that sometimes. I’m glad she was happy. 

 Pat and Cindy

After I cut the cake we played Scrabble. Didn’t win–I’m not good at spelling. Pat won, he is always good at games.

My presents were: a coffee table book from National Geographic, and three fish in a fishbowl. I’ll have to remember to feed the fish tomorrow morning or they’ll . . . you know.

I wonder how Pat and Cindy got into my house before the party? I remember locking it up. . .

The President's Speech

Wednesday, November 7th, 2007

The President 

Today, I took the subway to the Capital Mall and saw the president give a speech.  

Riding a subway is fun. Sometimes it can get crowded–so crowded that you can barely squirm your way out of the car when it stops. A man said that I should watch out for pickpockets–but I checked my pockets and nobody took anything.  

The president was very tall and looked smart. He talked about how we needed to protect the rivers, mountains, and forests so that our children can enjoy them many years from now. I like the president.  

Afterward, a bunch of reporters asked him questions. I think reporters ask too many questions–but I guess that’s their job.  

There was a man there selling T-shirts that said, “I Saw the President’s Speech.” I bought one because, you know, I had.  

I also bought an ice cream cone, but somebody bumped into me and I dropped it before I was finished. A basset hound came along ate the rest of it.