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Monday, February 4th, 2008

After the plane landed, I had to find the right train that would take me to my hotel. The train cost some money, so I had to go to a ATM to get some Euros. Euros are what the French use for money. One Euro is worth about a dollar and seventy five cents. 

Trains stations can be a bit confusing, especially when all the signs are in French.

I only know four phrases in French: “parlez-vous anglais?” (which means “do you speak English?”), “merci” (“thank you”), “excusez-moi” (“excuse me”), and “je-suis innocent” (which means “I am innocent” and I hope I don’t have to use that one on this trip). 

After a little while, I found out what train I needed to be on, bought the ticket and got on. It was very crowded on the train–I got to use my “excusez-moi” phrase. 

Here is a picture of me outside a café trying to find my hotel. I ate at the café, the food was good, but the bread they had was very hard. 

Outside the Cafe.

After eating at the café, I couldn’t find my hotel, so I walked up to this woman and asked her (without thinking), “do you know where I can find the Hotel Etap?” she just stared at me. Then I remembered–“oh! I’m in France.” 

So I said: “parlez-vous anglais?” and she said: “un peu” which I found out means “a little.” After that, she was able to tell me where to go to find my hotel. 

Here is a picture of me in bed at my hotel. I wasn’t very tired at first because of the time difference between Paris and my home. I am reading “Moby Dick” my Herman Melville. It isn’t very interesting and it put me to sleep.

Reading in bed

My Flight

Monday, January 28th, 2008

Looking out window

When you travel to Europe you have to set your watch ahead 7 hours. That means, if your plane leaves at 9am (which is when mine left) and you fly for 7 hours (which is how long my flight was), you will arrive at Paris’ Charles De Gaulle airport at 11pm. 

The trouble comes because you will feel like it is only 5:00 but everybody there will feel like it is 11pm. 

I decided to not sleep on the plane. That way, I will be tired when I get to my hotel.

The guy next to me on the plane evidently didn’t agree with this idea. He sat down, said “How are you doing? My name’s Fred,” then, he fell asleep. He didn’t wake up once during the entire 7 hour flight — not even when the stewardess served our meals. This was a little difficult because whenever I had to get up to use the restroom or stretch my legs I had to crawl over him and hope I didn’t wake him up — kind of hard, because he was a bit large himself.

They served a meal on my flight. It wasn’t very good, but it filled me up. 

I’m glad I don’t fly long flights very often. While I enjoy flying in an airplane, it can get a bit cramped.

Above is a picture of me looking out the window. That’s Fred–asleep as usual.

Locking up

Saturday, January 26th, 2008

Locking up

It’s a little sad when you leave your house for a trip. You look around at everything you own and think “I won’t be seeing you guys for a while.”

After that, you start thinking about all the things that could go wrong when you are gone: Did I turn off the stove? What if a pipe gets a leak and my basement gets flooded? What if burglars break in? 

Above is a picture of me locking up my house. 

After I locked up the house, I went to the airport. Thy guy at the airline looked at my passport and gave me my ticket, then I went through security. I had to go through the metal detector twice because I had a bubble gum wrapper in my pocket. 

The airport has these moving walkways that are like long conveyer belts with people standing on them. They make it so you don’t have to walk so far to get to where your plane is taking off. You just stand there and watch the airport go by. 

Here is a picture of me on one of the moving walkways. Its either that, or a picture of me walking up the gangplank of my airplane. I can’t decide which it is. 

Geting aboard

I’m really looking forward to my plane flight. I’m going to cross the ocean.

My plane